COVID-19: YoungstaCPT Replies a Fan’s Criticism Over Face Mask

COVID-19: YoungstaCPT Replies a Fan's criticism over Face Mask

It’s the era of coronavirus, and it is a tense world out there. People are not only looking out for themselves but for others, too. At least one can say that YoungstaCPT fans have been looking out for him.

YoungstaCPT, who recently spoke out against police brutality, posted, on Twitter, a picture of him and a cop in the street. Both were smiling at the camera. Neither of them was wearing face mask.

In the post, the songster encouraged people to say less and do more.

A fan who saw the picture criticized him for not wearing a face mask, which has been made compulsory following the outbreak of coronavirus. The criticism didn’t go down well with the Cape Town rapper. He subtly clarified that the picture was taken before the lockdown.

YoungstaCPT is one of the major voices on South Africa’s music horizon. It appears he is one of the most prolific, too, possessing many unreleased songs, if the lyricist Stogie’s T’s words are to be taken seriously.

At any rate, it appears the best of YoungstaCPT is yet to come. COVID-19 or not. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, if you please.

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