Cow Dung Used By Queen Nandi In “Shaka Ilembe” Was Real

Actress Nomzamo Mbatha On Retelling The Story Of Queen Nandi

“Shaka Ilembe” star Nomzamo Mbatha reveals the cow dung used by Queen Nandi on the show was real; “That Was Real, by the Way.”

The “Shaka Ilembe” series has been a hit among viewers. One person who has received praise for her role on the show is Nomzamo Mbatha. She plays Shaka Zulu’s mother, Queen Nandi, and her portrayal of the role has been hailed by many.

In one of the episodes, Queen Nandi (Mbatha) had to clean her own hut with cow dung. The actress took to social media and shared a photo of the dung, revealing that it was real cow dung.

She wrote, “That was real, by the way.” Fans and viewers of the show were not expecting that. They took to the comments to praise her for being such a wonderful actress and a professional. Some even stated that they couldn’t have pulled it off of it were them.