Craig Lucas Details The Harrowing Experience Of Being Robbed At Gunpoint

It is often said that life is unscripted. And while that is true, certainly no one would love to be a victim of a robbery, with the spectre of a loss of life looming. But that was exactly the case for singer Craig Lucas.

Lucas, winner of the reality show “The Voice,” recently gave insights into how he was robbed at gunpoint and almost got shot. He was only spared because he begged for his life. Luckily, despite one of the robbers asking that he should be shot as they drove away, he wasn’t.

By his own account, when the robbers approached him, he thought they wanted to help. He couldn’t have been more shocked when they took his possessions and one of them even asked they shoot him as they were leaving. But they ended up not shooting.

He is, of course, grateful not to have been shot during the robbery. Lost possessions can easily be replaced – not so his life. He is one of a couple of notable South Africans who have faced similar trauma. Even ordinary folks have faced the same. But not everyone was lucky.

Since he spoke about the robbery, fans have been celebrating his survival.

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