Cricket World Mourns the “Genius” Shane Warne at State Memorial Service

Not everyone who traversed the material plane ends up with the tag “genius” prefixed to their names, but cricket ace Shane Warne each that honour while he lived.

It was a moment of sadness for the cricket world as one of the sport’s famous faces, Shane Warne, was bid farewell.

Warne had died at a luxury resort earlier this month in Thailand in what’s suspected to be cardiac arrest. He was 52. The report of his death provoked an outpouring of emotions from his fans and the cricket world generally.

When you’re seriously loved for your game and the art you bring to it, the outpouring of love shouldn’t be surprising, perhaps.

A state memorial was held for him yesterday, Wednesday, March 29, in Melbourne, Australia, attended by thousands of spectators and other famous players.

Sir Elton John and Chris Martin performed at the memorial service via video link.

Shane’s heartbroken father described as “inconceivable” life without his son. However, he takes solace in the knowledge that his son packed so much in his over five decades of life on earth.

The two-hour memorial service was held at the MCG, where Shane Warne created so many memories in the world of cricket.

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