Critics Descend On Shauwn Mkhize Over Red Leather Jumpsuit

She is known for her fashion sense, and a pronounced desire to always stand out wherever she goes. But Shauwn Mhize’s attempt to stand out once again seemingly left some netizens unimpressed.

The businesswoman and Royal AM boss was recently photographed rocking a red leather jumpsuit and looking as happy as can be. the picture of her rocking the outfit was shared by MDN News which indicated in its caption that it was impressed with what she wore.

However, critics camped in the comment section of the post, with most criticising the Royal AM boss for being inappropriately dressed. As far as some of her critics were concerned, what she wore was inappropriate for her age and she should never have rocked it in the name of fashion.

The said jumpsuit left her cleavage bare and only partially covered her breasts, as you can see below.

A the time of writing, the businesswoman had not addressed the critics of her attire. She is known to rarely respond to her critics. It is, after all, her life, and her rules should follow the same. Oh, yeah, the reference is to the book she just released – a recognition that people will always talk, good or bad.

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