Cruz Afrika Disses Emtee in New Track Titled “Emtee” (Empty)

The beef between Emtee and Cruz Afrika is escalating fast as Cruz pops a diss track against him, titled “Empty.” In other words, he sees his adversary as nothing more than a vacuous barrel.

Cruz Afrika Disses Emtee In New Track Titled &Quot;Emtee&Quot; (Empty) 2

Cruz Afrika Disses Emtee In New Track Titled &Quot;Emtee&Quot; (Empty) 3Cruz Afrika Disses Emtee In New Track Titled &Quot;Emtee&Quot; (Empty) 4Cruz Afrika and Emtee have had a quarrel for years now. There appeared to have been an interlude until July, when it emerged that Chad Da Don wanted to feature Cruz Afrika on one of his songs.

Emtee had objected to the collaboration, warning Chad Da Don in a tweet that Cruz Afrika was an old ass bitch that would fcuk him (Chad Da Don) over. Chad Da Done apparently heeded Emtee’s advice.

In a tweet he thanked Emtee for the early warning, as he was already in the process of sending a verse to Cruz Afrika.

Emtee’s demarketing strategy infuriated Cruz Vodka and he yelled angrily that he didn’t need the verse to breathe or be alive. He would bring Emtee’s baby mama, Nicole Chinsamy, into the beef. According to Afrika, his friend had slept with her.

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