Cruz Afrika Offers To Help Emtee In His “Situation” With Nicole Chinsamy

Cruz Afrika has had sporadic battles with Emtee. So heated was the battle between the two that at some point Cruz Afrika had denounced Emtee as an Illuminati member. He had also stated that his pal slept with Emtee’s baby mama Nicole Chinsamy several times.

Emtee had avenged himself by derailing Cruz Afrika’s collaboration with Chad Da Don. Emtee had warned Chad Da Don not to feature Cruz Afrika in his song because, according to him, Cruz Afrika is an ingrate who would bring down those trying to help him.

A furious Cruz Afrika had averred that he didn’t need the collaboration to eat, anyway.

Now with news circulating online that Emtee is having a tiff with Nicole Chinsamy, and with Emtee claiming that his life is in danger because of it, Cruz Afrika has volunteered to help Emtee in the situation.

He shared a clip of Emtee filing up with a drink and then moving around the room in a dizzy haze,

According to him as a big brother, he knows Emtee needs help and professional counseling.

However, some fans have countered that Cruz is merely using Emtee to promote his “Half Of Me” EP which drops 29 January 2021.

Well, what do you think?

John Israel A

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