Cruz Afrika Shares Beautiful Message To Himself On His Birthday

SA Hip Hop star, shares a beautiful message to penned for himself on his birthday.

How emotional do you get on your birthday? Some get so emotional that they need to be alone all day. Others, just want to have fun with their friends and the people they hold dear.

Seems Hip Hop star, just wanted to bless himself on his, because that’s basically what he did. The talented rapper turned a new age on Tuesday, March 23rd, and he took to social media to share a message to himself. He thanked God for adding another year to his life, referring to himself as a king.

He went on to wish himself a Joyous birthday filled with God’s amazing blessings. He generally attributed his health and blessings to God’s grace. Happy belated birthday to him. Cruz is preparing to drop his new EP “Half Of Me” in a few days.

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