Cruz Vodka And Moozlie’s Spring Partnership

The songstress Moozlie’s career wins continue with the recent partnership with celebrated alcohol brand Cruz Vodka to celebrate spring.

It’s a full bloom moment for her – or so she says – announcing the partnership. In one of the photos she shared following the partnership, she advertised the Manhattan Blossom flavour of the vodka as the go-to drink of the upwardly mobile throng in Mzansi. You can check that out, as well as other photos from the partnership, below.

By the way, Moozlie is said to have been long associated with the brand but has only just had a definite partnership with them. With this partnership she joins her contemporary Kiernan Jarry Forbes (AKA), who is also a partner with the brand, having one of its flavours named for him – the Cruz Vodka AKA Watermelon.

It might be said this isn’t Moozlie’s first partnership. But she has shown she is particularly excited about this one. With a robust following on social media and just the right artistic “madness,” she just might give the brand the leverage it has been fighting for in the South African alcohol market.

The coming weeks might reveal a lot. You wanna stay tuned by following our social media channels.

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