Cubique DJ Wants Your Opinion On Cover Art For Upcoming Album, “The City Capricorn“

With two fine choices before him, deep producer Thulani Mabena, professionally known as Cubique DJ, is at a loss which to choose. He has therefore asked his fans to help pick the best cover art for his album, “The City Capricorn.”

In a tweet a day ago, the songster asked his over 30k followers to help him pick between two cover arts for his imminent project. In both of the cover arts, he is rocking a black –shirt, his hands together. The difference between both is minimal.

Asking for fan’s contribution on which should be adopted has led to several suggestions. While some fans opted for the first frame, others opted for the second. However, those who think the first frame best for the imminent project appear to be in the majority. Our choice? First frame, of course. Minimalist. Understated yet better.

Well, are y’all looking forward to “City Capricorn”? we might share the compilation on release. You may want to follow our social media channels so you don’t miss out on release.

Which of the two options would you pick for Cubique DJ? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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