Cyan Boujee Lets Fans Touch Her Booty While Performing

Mzansi reacts to a trending video of DJ Cyan Boujee letting fans touch her booty while she performed.

While some celebs would instead not be talked about, some seem to enjoy the attention they get from fans. It does not matter to them whether they’re trending for the right or wrong reasons. Cyan Boujee is certainly one of these celebs.

She has trended for all the wrong reasons this year, and she continues to give fans more reasons to talk about her. The famous DJ was recently criticized by fans, claiming she wasn’t great at Live performances. They claimed her sets were bland and no fun.

During a recent performance, the controversial DJ decided to switch things up. Some say she channeled her inner Zodwa Wabantu while trying to hold a set down like Uncle Waffles. Cyan let fans touch her booty while she performed for them. She allowed only her female fans to do it.

Fans have since reacted to the trending video. Some praised her for letting only her female fans do it, while some criticized the act. Rathipa_Rampedi wrote, “Wake me up when some guy tries to marry her, and it will happen, they always do.” @savenoho also reacted, “I bet she doesn’t feel anything with all that silicone in her.”

Watch the video here.

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