Cyan Boujee Look-a-Like Lucyanne Meintjies Reacts To Comparisons

Mzansi DJ Cyan Boujee lookalike Lucyanne Meintjies shares her frustration as she reacts to the comparisons.

Time and time again, we have spotted several people who look like Mzansi’s famous celebs. Lucyanne Meintjies, a TikToker who looks like Cyan Boujee, has recently shared her frustrations about the comparisons.

She said in a video that while she was honoured to look like Cyan, she finds it frustrating that people only talk about her because of the DJ. She said,

“I’m honoured to look like this queen, but every time I trend here on TikTok, it’s because of her, and I appreciate it, but it’s getting too much. Almost on every post, someone will mention her.”

Lucyanne also showed off her ID to prove that her second name was legit and that she was not copying Cyan. She stressed that she and Cyan are not related and said that looking like a celeb does not mean one should fall under their shadow.

“I just wanted to say I know the similarities; we are never related. I’m my person. Everyone has that one person who looks like you need to find them, and it’s expected to have someone who looks like you, but let’s not fall under their shadow but love her, thank you.”

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