Cyan Boujee Says Prince Kaybee Has Tapes of Other Girls

Cyan Boujee Says She’s Crushing on DJ Maphorisa

Cyan Boujee claims the Afro House DJ and producer Prince Kaybee has videos of other girls doing sexual stuff with him.

A little while back this year, Cyan Boujee made the news after a saucy clip of her hit the net. While social media users slammed her, she called out “Fetch Your Life” star Prince Kaybee and accused him of leaking the video. However, Kaybee, who is often embroiled in drama, chose to ignore her and not reply.

Cyan Boujee recently appeared on L-Tido’s podcast, where she spoke about how she met Kaybee and how the video was made. She revealed that they weren’t dating when they met and that all she wanted to do was to sl**p with him.

She said, “Prince Kaybee DMed me, and I went over to him. Mind you, we weren’t dating, though I was single. I just wanted to get smashed, and that happened so quickly.”

She also revealed that the “Uwrongo” star had videos of other girls, too.

“He said he wanted to take a video and that I should be comfortable. He showed me other clips of other girls that he has smashed before, so I think that was his thing of taking videos.”