Cyan Boujee Video Leak Latest: Prince Kaybee Reportedly Risks 4 Years In Jail

Prince Kaybee & Universal Music End Relationship

While South African disc jockey Prince Kaybee has been dismissive of Cyan Boujee’s claims that he leaked her raunchy videos and that he was the first celeb she got down with at 19, it is looking like it might not be an easy walk for the celebrated musician after all.

According to recent reports, he might end up in jail for at least four years if he is charged and convicted for contravening the Filming and Publication Act of 1996 – which frowns against the non-consensual distribution of pornography.

Cyan Boujee claimed that Prince Kaybee had not only demanded adult content when she was 19, but he was also the one who filmed the clip that was leaked. Since he was the filmer, he alone had access to the clip and he alone could have leaked it.

The recent dramatic change in Prince Kaybee’s battle with Cyan Boujee has split social media users. While some tweeps are convinced that he was the one who leaked the video of her and should be cancelled as a result, some are unimpressed with the call to cancel him.

Instead, they are back the “Club Controller” hitmaker as the case unfolds. It remains unclear where this will lead to,