Da Brat Signs Up For Future’s New Baby Mama

Da Brats meets Future and she sees the reason ladies are very attractive to him!

Future is widely known to be a charming dude that ladies swoon over. Since he stepped into the music scene, he has been a ladies’ man. It seems Da Brat knows why this is so.

Future has been involved in several romances in the industry. His recent relationship is with a twenty-three-year-old lady named Lori Harvey. It is reported that Future has eight children by eight different women. Now, it seems like Da Brat, the SoSo Def queen, wants to be the next in line.

Recently, Da Brat met Future and she says she understands the reason ladies are very attracted to him.

Da Brat posted a picture with the caption:

I can’t even lie, @future is a charmer. I think I’m pregnant‼️ 😂 #babymama #23. @youtube

It is obvious that Da Brat was joking, but Future definitely has this charm that makes ladies go crazy.

Shawntae Harris, famously known by her stage name, Da Brat, is a rapper and actress that hails from Chicago, Illinois. She began her career in 1992 was able to sell a million copies of her debut album, Funkdafield.  She has also received two nominations at the Grammy Award. Some of Dan Brat’s notable songs are Funkdafield, I Think They Like me and Loverboy. Da Brat has never revealed her relationship.

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