Da L.E.S Announces His New Album Is Dropping Soon

It’s been long we heard from Da L.E.S. Apparently the muso has been busy working on a new project. Now he appears set to release it.

The last time we heard of Da. L.E.S was in May, when he hinted at a possible collaboration with the Hustla Emtee. Well, now we have even better news – the readiness of his album to launch. Given his earlier hint at working with Emtee, one might as well say the Hustla made the cut.

Da L.E.S had announced on 10 July on Twitter that his album was ready. He gave not the name of the album, no release date, no cover art, and no tracklist. Already, though, fans are pretty excited about the announcement and have  been hailing the muso on Twitter.

At any rate, we are following events keenly and will bring you the album as soon as it drops. So bookmark this UbeToo and stay tuned for updates. What is to come might be exciting. We expect AKA to be on one of the tracks. Have you got any expectations yourself?

Can you guess what is to come from Da L.E.S’s tweet of July 10? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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