Da L.E.S Faces Backlash for Alleged Non-Payment of R600 to Club Hostess

South African rapper Da L.E.S, known for his hit “Lifestyle,” has recently been embroiled in a controversy involving an unpaid fee to a club hostess. The issue came to light when Olivia Davies, a club hostess, claimed that Da L.E.S had invited her to work at a club on a trial basis for an agreed fee of R600. However, the rapper allegedly failed to fulfill this financial obligation, leading to public outcry and social media backlash.

The Unfolding of the Debt Drama

According to Olivia Davies’ statement to Maphepha Ndaba, Da L.E.S had asked her to work for the agreed amount as a trial. She further stated her reluctance to continue working until the rapper cleared the pending payment. The situation escalated when Davies revealed that Da L.E.S also owed money to other girls who provided hosting services at the club on the same day.

The controversy intensified as the conversations between the hostess and Da L.E.S were made public by Maphepha Ndaba. These conversations reportedly showed the rapper committing to pay the R600 but consistently making excuses, leading to frustration and the eventual public exposé by the hostess.

Social Media Reaction and Public Sentiment

The incident has sparked a significant reaction on social media, with fans and followers of the rapper seeking clarification and urging him to settle the seemingly small debt. The public’s response highlights the growing concern over the treatment of workers in the entertainment industry, especially in situations involving prominent figures.

As of now, Da L.E.S, whose real name is Leslie Jonathan Mampe, has not directly addressed these allegations. The rapper, who has been preparing for another extravagant All-White Pool Party, finds his reputation at stake as the public demands accountability and fair treatment of those he engages with professionally.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical conduct in the entertainment industry and the power of social media in holding public figures accountable. As the story develops, fans and critics alike await a resolution and an official statement from Da L.E.S.


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