Da L.E.S On Claims AKA’s Industry Friends Are Not Putting Effort In Fight To Unravel His Killers

It’s been a month since AKA was gunned down on the streets of Durban but South Africans and his fans are still grieving. #JusticeforAKA is being used to ensure that those who killed Kiernan and unearthed and prosecuted.

However, some tweeps feel that AKA’s close friends are mostly silent and not doing enough to fight for justice for him. According to these people, AKA’s close associates and friends are the ones who ought to be in the vanguard of justice, clamouring the loudest for his killers to be arrested and prosecuted.

South African rapper Da L.E.S., who is known to be a close AKA pal, has responded to the criticisms of the “silence” of AKA’s close friends. In a tweet, he noted that people mourn differently and that they should be allowed to go through the process themselves.

He noted that he is just as angry about the rapper’s killing and wants answers like everyone else, but not in the direction that the critics are pointing. You can check out the tweets below.

Cape Town rapper YoungstaCPT shared the same sentiment about AKA’s close associates not raising enough dust to ensure he gets justice.

The police recently noted that they are making progress with the case, but most South Africans are unconvinced.

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