Da L.E.S Tests Positive To COVID-19 A Second Time, Advises Fans

Mzansi rapper Da LES has revealed he has contracted the dreaded coronavirus a second time, letting his fans know that the new strain of the virus is not a joke.

Fans have been expressing curiosity about his recent revelation. One fan asked how he was able to tell what he just caught is actually the second strain of the virus.

Another fan urged him to be strong even in his illness, insisting on no account should he go to the hospital, fearing chances of infection are much higher there.

Yet another fan, who goes by the handle @VocalicModel, suggested a couple of drugs he should take to be all right

By the way, South Africa is currently on level 3 lockdown. The country had to lock down again following the second wave of the coronavirus, which has been described as more deadly.

Yesterday 1 February, President Cyril Ramaphosa and some members of his government were at the OR Tambo Airport to receive 1 million shots of the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca from the Serum Institute of India. (SII).

Well, what do you think of Da L.E.S’s claims to have contracted the virus for a second time? You may want to share your thoughts below.

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