Da Les Criticized For His Ladies Grooming Request For His Imminent All White Party

Da L.E.S is facing severe criticism following the unveiling of the requirement for his all white brunch party he is hosting with his friend Saso.

The basis of the criticism is the dress code spelled out for the ladies in the flier for the event which is currently circulating on social media. Guests have to dress in white, from head to toe.

The bods who wish to attend the party must be well groomed, clean-shaved. The conditions spelled out for the ladies desirous of attending the party include waxing, manicure, and  pedicure.

But even these do not guarantee entry. The two friends are pretty selective who comes in for brunch. Without an email confirmation, one cannot make t to the party. Even with a confirmation, one can’t get in without a mask.

Of the conditions spelled out for the bods and the babes, those for the babes have generated the mos reactions, with some social media users condemning Da L.E.S for trying to shoo the ladies into a box

What do you think of the requirement for Da LES all white party and the reactions to it so far? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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