DaBaby Call Himself & Lil Wayne The “Best Rappers Alive”

DaBaby is so confident about his creative powers that he has crowned himself and his compatriot Lil Wayne the “best rappers alive.”

DaBaby described himself and Lil Wayne thus in a recent Instagram post showing the two of them together. His post, which has been liked over one million times, has provoked an interesting debate online.

Some fans actually agreed with him, while others thought he was full of himself and had taken way too many liberties.

The man DaBaby roped himself with Lil Wayne has been an inspiration to many rappers and many look up to him. Lil Wayne recently spoke on inspiring others artistes and them paying homage to him in a video interview which you can check out below.

By the way, Lil Wayne recently had trouble with the law after a firearm was found in his possession at the airport. The incident has stopped a generation of artistes from looking up to him and amplifying his role in their lifting.

What do you think of DaBaby crowning himself and Lil Wayne “best rappers alive”? Do you agree with his verdict? Why or why not? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below

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