Dame Dash Talks Kanye West & His Erratic Behaviour

DameDash has thrown some light into his relationship with controversial rapper Kanye West, noting that his pal is sick and the public should understand this and not throw him under the bus each time he flares in public – partly a result of his bipolar disorder.

Ye and Dame Dash go a long were and were part of the Roc A Fella family, which also included -Z.

Dash, who acknowledged Ye was the only one who had paid him proper respect for his contributions to American music, noted that he’s in touch with the “Donda” rapper. He pointed at Ye’s bipolar syndrome and how people quickly forget that, and how his being bipolar affects his actions.

Given this reality, he believes the songster shouldn’t be facing the camera as happens all the time but at home and close to the hospital.

recently made headlines for his “erratic” behaviour, including storming out of his son Saint’s soccer match after “losing it” with Kim Kardashian, who was also at the event. He’d also lost some lucrative deals, including the one he had with Adidas, over his anti-Semitic statements.

However, from his reactions so far, he doesn’t seem to care about the losses.

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