Danger Claims Mampintsha Chose Babes Over Big Nuz Reunion Performance

The defunct group "Big Nuz" was booked to perform at a New Year's event but Mampintsha refused to hold his end of the deal, Danger wasn't happy about the situation

According to former Big Nuz group member Danger, he was unable to perform at the 2019 New Year’s eve big event tagged the “Fact Durban Rocks.” Danger claims that Mampintsha was the reason for the mishap because the former Big Nuz band member decided to ditch his group member so that he could perform with his girlfriend and record label signee  the same evening.

The group had plan to have a reunion performance which could have been a major headline for the defunct musical group.

The group is left with only two members with Mampintsha being the only member of the group who is still very relevant in the music industry.

According to Isolezwe, a -language newspaper, Mampintsha had come late for his scheduled performance at the “Fact Durban Rocks” event, that was not enough for the Kwaito singer to humble himself and wait for another available time to perform, he also wanted the organizers of the event to put him on another artist’s timeslot.

Because the organizers refused to honor the request, Mampintsha and his girlfriend, left the event for another where they have been booked for that same night.

According to Briefly, made his remark on the situation, stating that the reunion plan did not happen because time was not properly managed. He also stated that the disappointed member of the group, Danger should stop hoping for a reunion to happen, and the reason for that is the fact that Mampintsha is obviously not interested.

He is busy marketing his Mampintsha Live DVD, which indicates that he has his own plans with his music career.

Big Nuz used to be part of DJ Tira’s Afrotainment till January 2018.

The group had been paid for the failed performance, this would mean that they have to refund the paid amount.

Big Nuz is a South African Durban Kwaito music group from South Africa. Formed in 2002. The group consists of three members: Mandla Maphumulo also known as Mampintsha, Mzi (Danger) and Sbu (Mashesha).

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