Danger To Revive Big Nuz Following Mampintsha’s Death

The South African band Big Nuz might no longer be big, especially with two of its three members already big. But then, there is also the saying that with life, there is hope. Even with one surviving member, there is a chance the group and stick in the land of the living.

Danger, the only surviving member of the group, is determined  Big Nuz should not die, and he is working on ensuring that the group stays, despite the tragedies that have struck the group of recent.

On Christmas Eve last year, Mampintsha died after a brief battle with a stroke. It was a brutal slap to a band that had already witnessed the death of one of its members previously. That leaves Danger as the only surviving member of the group. Now, what’s the way out?

According to reports, Danger, whose birth name is Mzingisi Tshomela, has approached one of Big Nuz’s founding members to ensure the group is revived and doesn’t die.

Big Nuz had worked with DJ Tira in the past, and he could easily be co-opted as part of the revived group. Sources also claim that Danger is working on getting Bhar as part of the revived group, but his plans are stalling because DJ Tira and Bhar don’t get along.

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