Daniel Radcliffe Of The Harry Potter Fame Expecting First Child With Erin Darke

“The young shall grow” is one statement many can relate with for its verity as they see it manifest all around them, including in their own lives. That’s also the story of Daniel Radcliffe, who, once upon a time, was a kid star famous for his role in the Harry Potter series.

The years have passed and Daniel is no longer a kid but a man and soon-to-be father. Yup. The thespian is expecting a child with Erin Darke, his girlfriend of over 10 years. The couple had met while on duty (acting) on the set of “Kill Your darlings.”

In the intervening years, they had grown together as a couple and forged a formidable union but would likely get stronger as they welcome a child in a couple of months.

A rep of the harry Potter star had reportedly confirmed to  Today via email that Daniel and Erin are indeed expecting a child together. There was no further detail – not the sex of the child or when exactly Erin would give birth.

At any rate, the news that the couple is expecting their first child together has provoked great excitement among their fans, with many sharing their congratulations and stating they can’t wait to see the baby.

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