DA’s John Steenhuisen Uses #JohnVuliGate As Campaign Slogan

Mzansi entertained as DA’s John Steenhuisen uses #JohnVuliGate as his campaign slogan.

Dont you just love trends, hit songs, social media and campaigns. There’s always the right amount of fun to be had when things trend, and literally everyone on social media notices it. That’s obviously why John Steenhuisen’s new campaign slogan did not go unnoticed.

The interim DA leader shared his new campaign slogan on Twitter, and it caught a few eyes. We definitely were not expecting that but we love it. He borrowed a few pages from the new trend “John Vuli Gate” and used it as his new slogan. While many found it hilarious, some thought it was genius.

We also think it’s genius too. The song “John Vuli Gate” has fast become a huge hit all thanks to social media. Its dance challenge continues to grow even more popular as many join in by the say.

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