Davido Premieres “Stand Strong” Featuring The Samples Choir – Listen

Nigerian singer Davido has got a song of optimism for those who would listen. Titled “Stand Strong,” the song features The Samples Choir.

Before the song’s release, the Nigerian had shared a teaser on his Instagram page, noting the number is special and means a lot to him. According to the Nigerian, everything was different from the mindset, to the conception, right to the making of the song.

The reception for the song so far indicates he might not be wrong, after all. Musical fans have been talking about the flow and the understated brilliance of the movements.

The song is part of an imminent album the Nigerian is currently working on. As a prelude to what’s to come, we’re sure it’d have many fans fevered with anticipation. If you should ask us, this number shows the Nigerian in a new light, an artist able to take on fresh robes and give hope to those following him.

The Samples Choir is a collective that has been working with Ye for his regular Sunday School services. To their credit, they did so well with Davido. The result is obvious already – a song to vibe with and tell others about as well.

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