Dawn Thandeka King Slams Fake TikTok Page That Claimed Her Mother Passed Away

Famous Mzansi actress Dawn Thandeka King has slammed a fake TikTok page that claimed her mother passed away.

Celebrities have so much going on in their lives and also have to deal with trolls and bogus claims on social media about their private lives. “Shaka iLembe” star Dawn Thandeka King was the latest victim of a fake TikTok page that announced the false death of her mother.

The actress was certainly not having it and took to her Instagram page to clarify. She revealed that she isn’t active on TikTok and warned her fans to beware of the fake pages on the platform. She also stated that her mother is very much alive and kicking. She wrote,

“It’s painful when people create fake pages using my name, and I don’t even know how many pages there are, and I am not even active on TikTok. Please be aware of these fake pages. I will go live and make everyone aware of my real page, anything else will be fake. I don’t care how many followers it has, it’s all fake.”

“Guys, there’s a fake page on TikTok that has posted something disturbing about me losing my mother, who is very much alive.”

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