Dax’s South African Tour Is Not Happening

American rapper Dax’s previously announced South African tour has been canceled.

One of the most anticipated tours of the year, Dax’s planned South African tour, has been cancelled. The famous American rapper made the announcement on Instagram on Friday, April 21, and fans were sad to hear the news.

He had previously expressed how much he has always wanted to do a tour in SA. The tour was scheduled to start today, April 22nd, and end in May. Sadly, it did not work. In the shared post, Dax announced that it was caused by “operational discrepancies that were beyond my control.”

He opened up about how much he had been manifesting the tour and how sad he was about it not happening. He also apologized for the delayed communication and revealed that he was working with his legal team to ensure the refund process for everyone who purchased the tickets. Check out the full post below.


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