DBN Gogo And Olwee To Join This Weekend Party With DJ Zinhle

Another Saturday is almost upon us, and it looks like it is going to be mad as usual. DBN Gogo and Olwee are joining “Uzobuya” singer DJ Zinhle on this week’s PJ House Party, and we are excited.

Oh, well, who wouldn’t be? This session, which holds Saturday 25 July 2020, brings together some of our favourites female musicians from Mzansi. Clearly, based on the responses to the flier of the event, we are not the only people excited about the imminent party.

Fans of the troika are as well, as should be obvious from the responses to the post shared by MtvBase South Africa, which asked fans to come experience girl power. According to the heavily subscribed music television, the Weekend Party With DJ Zinhle will imbue fans with all the energy they could ever ask for on a weekend.

DJ Zinhle shared the flier of the imminent party as well, emphasizing how excited she was about it, as well as working with DBN Gogo and Olwee.

Fans would not have to leave their homes, as the part would be streamed live, like previous sessions, including the immediate past, which featured Nu Rock and Lad Amar.

Saurrday’s session featuring Gogo and Olwee will be streamed at 18:00 CAT on Dstv channel 322.

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