DBN Gogo Clinches Deal With Jägermeister South Africa

It’s a season of wins for Mzansi singer DBN Gogo as she clinches a new partnership with alcohol brand Jägermeister South Africa.

Taking to her Instagram page soon after clinching the deal, she had joked on the platform, calling herself Gogomeister, which is a combination of her name and the drink she is now influencing as a celebrity.

She said she’s happy to be partnering with the brand and also linked fans to the account where they can read more about the partnership. One of the slides she shared showed her posing with a bottle of Jagermeister. You can check out the pictures below.

It’s unclear why the alcohol brand decided to get into a partnership with her. However, the brand recently faced negative publicity after a man died during a drinking competition at a tavern. The late tavern patron had been challenged that if he finished a bottle of Jagermeister without taking the bottle from his lips, he would be given R200.

He took the challenge and started gulping. But his body couldn’t withstand the alcohol assault, and he slumped and died.

Anyway, for DBN Gogo, congratulations are in order for having cliched another endorsement deal. Now watch her take the brand to town.

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