DBN Gogo Mocks Dineo Ranaka’s Flopped ‘Cruise With Dineo & Friends’

Piano star DBN Gogo mocks Dineo Ranaka’s “Cruise With Dineo And Friends” after it allegedly flopped.

Everyone would expect that spending a couple of days on a boat would be an absolute dream, but we hear it isn’t. At least, Dineo Ranaka’s isn’t. According to Zalebs, the people who were a part of her “Cruise With Dineo And Friends” boat trip had the worst time.

The cruise was supposed to take attendees and the stars from Durban to the Portuguese Islands, but that did not happen. Some have come out to call it an absolute scam. The cruise allegedly took them around Durban for three days.

The cruise also featured a star-studded lineup, including DJ Zinhle, Sithelo Shozi, MacG, and DBN Gogo. DBN Gogo did not have a good time, and she made sure her fans knew. She wrote, “Yal really thought I was whyling for free the whole weekend. I’m telling you, we were enslaved on a ship!”

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