De Mthuda & Ntokzin To Drop New Music Every Friday

De Mthuda and Ntokzi set to drop new music every Friday

De Mthuda and Ntokzin announce plans to drop new music every Friday.

What news would make your day right now? Well, ours is the announcement that our favourite DJs would be dropping new music together every weekend. That would definitely keep us in a great mood all day long. Well, it’s happened so we are excited.

The lockdown may not be exciting but it has come with a few blessings. It has certainly inspired several artists and Djs to create more music for their fans to enjoy. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday July 21, De Mthuda announced that he would be teaming up with fellow hit maker, Ntokzin to drop new music.

The songs will be released every Friday from this one. He did not state for how long the releases would last, but hinted on it happening through the lockdown. That could mean that it will happen till the end of the lockdown. Well, fingers crossed.

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