Debanhi: Missing Teenager Captures Global Attention

Debanhi Escobar’s plight after a night out with friends captured the attention of the world, leaving many understandably anxious for her safety. 

Amid the uncertainty, investigators had found a body around a cistern in the area where she was last seen. What really happened? 

During an outing with her friends, Debanhi had reportedly had a disagreement with a taxi driver, who kicked her out of his cab. The same cabbie had taken a photograph of her standing alone in the dark on the side of the highway. The picture has since been described with several adjectives, from haunting to fearful. 

According to police, a body was found around the pool area of the  Nueva Motel Castilla yesterday night  (Thursday, April 21). They, however, did not confirm if it was that of the missing teenager. 

A statement from the State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that, indeed, a body was found around the water cistern but also failed to verify if it was Debanhi’s. 

Although investigators think she was last seen going into a site owned by Alcosa Transportes Internacional, CCTV footage didn’t show her leaving the place.

The driver who had ditched her on the highway was later arrested for drug possession. At the time of writing, though, he has not been charged for her disappearance. 

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