Debate Erupts Online As Old Picture Of “Poor” Black Coffee, Enhle Mbali & Murdah Bongz Hustling Surfaces

An old photo of Black Coffee and Murdah Bongz “hustling” at the decks and turntables before they became rich and famous has popped up online, provoking an interesting conversation on social media.

In the said picture, Black Coffee wasn’t too visible. But Bongz and Black Coffee’s then-girlfriend Enhle Mbali took prominent spots. The presence of Enhle Mbali in that picture especially tickled many social media users, who praised her for being a “real one” – standing with Black Coffe long before he became stupendously rich and world-famous.

The picture was taken 16 years ago and showed all three with their “poverty” visible – dull skin and all. But all that is in the past now, as they are all now rich and famous. You can check out the image below.

Sadly, in the case of Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali, they are no longer together. The two had a public and acrimonious split, with Enhle accusing him of being abusive and sleeping with other women. Black Coffee denied the claims that he was abusive. He accused her of lying.

Things are going pretty fine for Murdah Bongz on the marital front though. The songster is currently married to DJ Zinhle with whom he appears to be so much in love.

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