Dee Koala & Ama Qamata Glitter In New Adidas Sportswear Campaign

Year in, and year out, Mzansi ladies continue to make the nation proud, snagging international deals and strutting the red carpet. It appears there is no end to the run of good fortune thanks to the ladies.

Among those who are making South Africa proud right now are actress Ama Qamata and singer Dee Koala. While their interests might be markedly different, both are still part of one family in the sense that sportswear behemoth Adidas co-opted them as part of its campaign. Understandably, both couldn’t be happier.

In clips shared online, both could be seen rocking the latest collection from the brand as part of its campaign. For reasons that are yet to be determined, neither of them has posted the images on their verified Instagram pages the last time we checked. Anyway, the images are still online elsewhere and you can check out some of them below.

For Ama Qata and Dee Koala, they have shown once again that they are not just good at what they do but appealing enough for international brands to look in their direction for a partnership. Sounds like the way of winners or what do you think? Indeed, the amazons are coming.

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