Dee Koala Shares How She God Her Stage Name

Mzansi female rapper Dee Koala has opened up about how she got her stage name.

Famous Mzansi rapper Dee Koala has been telling the world about her achievements. She deemed herself the Queen of SA Hip Hop, saying, “Booked & Busy, that’s my motto. With only one album (2019) and three singles released so far, I have over one million all-time streams on Apple Music and over one million Spotify streams in the past 12 months.”

She recently opened up about how she got her stage name. She told Drum Magazine,

“I had a friend of mine that nicknamed me Dee. I never had a nickname, so it kinda stuck with me, and a Koala is just an animal I really like. When it’s on a tree, it’s able to sleep and not be afraid to fall off, so for me, that resembled confidence within thyself. It kinda made me feel like I’m in my own lane,” said Dee Koala.

“If I want to take a break because I feel like music is overwhelming and people are overwhelming, I can always do that,”

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