Defiant TD Jakes Finally Breaks Silence, Addresses The Public

The claim that he was involved in American rapper Diddy’s “wild parties” and even got involved with other men, some of whom might be underage reverberated around the world and Bishop TD Jakes found himself trending across multiple social media platforms.

Many expected the clergyman to say something immediately, but he was silent. he has finally spoken up, though, unapologetically defiant and dismissive of the claims made against him.

Cassie a former lover to Diddy, had reportedly claimed that TD Jakes was part of the NDA parties that the rapper and e entrepreneur held when they were dating. She also made other revelations that stunned the world. So many people were expecting the bishop to say something regarding the whole;e allegations.

Bishop Jakes was contemptuously dismissive of the allegations, noting that “All of you who expect me to address a lie, you can log off.” He also made it clear that he didn’t come to convince anybody because he knows who he is.

In other words, the pub;lic might think or say anything about him; it doesn’t matter because he is not what he is being claimed to be by people he’d probably never met.

Well, the coming days should provide more details about what is happening.

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