Demi Lovato Promises Song On American Democracy, Gets Dragged Online

Singer Demi Lovato has been dragged by social media users for her comments following the assault on America’s Capitol.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” star had posted that she was heartbroken, angry, embarrassed and ashamed about the storming of the Capitol, the seat of the presidency and symbol of America’s sovereignty and power. She had not envisaged what happened, according to her.

She also shared her disgust that the police have not responded appropriately to the riots at the Capitol building. She had added that she’ll be recording a song on American democracy.

A section of social media users had not been impressed with her claim to be in the studio recording a song about the Capitol riots. They felt as a celeb she should have done more than just tweet about the incident at the Capitol.

A fan who goes by the Twitter handle @stormknowlss stated outright that Devi Lovato might tweet all she likes about the Capitol riots but she should release no song about it.

Another Twitter fan, who goes by the handle @d_lovatoroses, scoffed at the idea of a song about the incident, wondering what impact the song would really make. The said user had asked rhetorically if the said song would end systemic racism in the United States.

Well, what do you think?

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