Denise Zimba Celebrates having The Perfect Life

A perfect life, who doesn’t want it? But of course, only a few get to have that. And when they do, they usually show gratitude the way they see fit.

South African media personality is someone who appears to have a perfect life – everything in place as she would love to have them. She gave a clue into the reality in a recent tweet that had many applauding.

According to the mother of one, at this point in her life, she really doesn’t need to work but only works when she needs to. She is also grateful that her child not only speaks three languages but has two passports. So in case one country is on “fire,” there is another to cool off in.

Her marriage is just as blessed because she travels a lot and the man she calls her husband drowns her in love and attention and is a pretty good cook to boot. What’s more, she is learning a new language and her in-laws are the best. You can check out her tweet below.

Many South Africans who read her tweet celebrated with her, while others expressed they want to be similarly blessed in the future.

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