Depression Episode: Dineo Ranaka Reportedly In Talks To Quit Kaya FM

A while back, South Africans were concerned when media personality Dineo Ranaka indicated in a series of posts on Instagram that she was going through some form of mental crisis and was suicidal. Now, it has been revealed that she is having talks with Kaya FM to terminate her contract with the radio station.

According to multiple sources. Dineo Ranaka had a three-year contract with the radio station. Now, she is in communication with the outfit to have the contract terminated. Dineo had been given a leave of absence to take care of her mental health following her morbid admission on Instagram.

Thereafter, she had flown to the United States, where she spoke to her audience, informing them of the vitality of taking their mental health seriously. She had herself as an example to her audience. She would have taken her own life

Apparently, what had kept her from taking her own life was the fear that there would be no parent to take care of her kids since she is a single mother with kids from different fathers.

It is unclear what the outcome of the talks with Kaya FM would be and if she should eventually be allowed to go and someone recruited in her place.

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