Details On May 2024 SASSA Grants (Children, Old People & More)

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has been a lifeline of sorts to many families across South Africa and continues to provide succour to those in need, one way or the other.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people look out for the regular payments from the agency. This has not been different. Month after month, the agency has released funds to take care of the vulnerable in the Rainbow Nation, from grants to older people to grants to people with disabilities and children.

Given how vital these payments or grants are to a lot of people, they usually look forward with great expectations to each month for details about payment schedules.

With May already here, there has been a scramble to know the timeline for the month’s payments, especially the SASSA child grants. Well, we bring you details about that and more.

According to information from SASSA itself, there will be no exception and payments will continue this month.

Children’s grants will be paid on the 7th of May while disability and old persons grants will be paid on the 6th and 3rd of the same month respectively. The table below breaks it down:

Grant Type Payment Date
Older Persons Grants 03 May 2024 (Friday)
Disability Grants 06 May 2024 (Monday)
Children’s Grants 07 May 2024 (Tuesday)

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