Did American Rapper BIA Insult Nasty C?

Did American artiste disrespect his South African counterpart Nasty C? Well, the songstress has finally spoken on the subject.

In a recent tweet, the songstress indicated she might visit South Africa soon and asked denizens to suggest which of the country’s musos she should collaborate with.

Several names flew in response to her. Most respondents suggested she collaborates with the “Zulu Man With Some Power” Nasty C. then showed shared screenshots of the streaming stats of her latest single and compared it with that of Nasty C.

Nasty C’s fans felt she had insulted their hero and slammed her over it. But she clarified that she meant no disrespect. According to her, she was only showing that numbers that really matter. While some fans were mollified by her clarification, others were not.

Apparently, got wind of the disagreement and tweeted that he did not feel disrespected at all. BIA responded to his tweet, stating she meant nothing but love to him. You can check out the conversation below.


Does this mean we sjould look forward to a BIA and collaboration. You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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