Did Black Coffee Make Enhle Mbali Lose Acting Gigs?

The last may not have been heard of the sensational break up between celebrity couple and his ex-wife Enhle Mbali. The actress is in the news again – this time over claims her ex-husband made her lose gigs.

This claim was part of the court documents that form part of her demands from her ex-husband. According to her, prevented her from taking roles with romantic roles in movies, and before she knew it she had become a stay at home mom with no income.

She hinged this lack of gigs for the exorbitant demands from her ex-husband who reportedly earns about R100 million a year. Last we checked, Black Coffee’s lawyers are opposing her demands, which some court watchers have described as unbelievably deep.

Enhle might be in a better place right now following her break up – or so she has been making apparent in a series of posts, the most recent being that of her enjoying a spin in a vintage BMW with a man who was not named.

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