Did Cruz Afrika’s Pal Sleep With Emtee’s Baby Mama?

The beef between and Cruz Afrika continues bloodily, with embarrassing new twists, with the recent claim by Cruz Afrika that his friend slept with Emtee’s baby mama, Nicole Chinsamy. Emtee and Chinsamy have been in a relationship many years and have two sons together, Avery and Logan.

He also revealed that the same friend, who he called Choc, slept with Ruff ATM’s girlfriend as well. He dared to challenge him and he would make more revelations.

In the game of beef, anything can be claimed to hurt the other person and even pull him down. We cannot confirm what Cruz Afrika has said regarding and his baby mama, true or false.

Based on the responses to Cruz Afrika’s post, it is clear the denizens of are already salivating for more “revelations” from Cruz Afrika. In fact, they are goading him to go ahead and reveal more from what he knew. Would he take thir bait? The coming days should reveal a lot, especially in should sally forth and make equally damaging revelations of his own.

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