Did DJ Speedsta Give Nasty C His First Spotlight?

DJ continues his beefing streak with a new claim that he was the first person who gave Nasty C his debut spotlight. The radio DJ and producer had earlier the denounced nasty C’s “Zulu Man With Some Power” album as overhyped and shit.

In response, nasty C laughed at DJ Speedsta, stating in a tweet that the 28-year old has speed as part of his adopted stage name but lacks speed in his music career. He ended up saying Speedsta would never be him.

If you are interested in the backstory of the beef between the two musos, you may want to check that out here.

Well, in a recent post, Speedsta claimed to have given Nasty C his first spotlight on YFM on 25 June 2015. He said he listened to the champ’s song and thought it was dope. So he played Nasty C’s song and put him on the hot 99.

The songster Freddie Echo has the same view. It remains to be seen how Nasty C responds to Speedsta’s latest claims. You may want tocheck out the tweets below.

What do you think of DJ Speedsta’s latest claims? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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