Did Pabi Cooper Get A BBL?

Everyone is wondering if Piano star Pabi Cooper got a BBL after she shared photos looking hot.

It’s Pabi Cooper’s world, and we’re all invited to live in it. The star has been having the time of her life since she hit the scene. She’s also been counting blessings and registering hits.

Last week, we all couldn’t stop talking about her rumoured romance with Focalistic. Everyone is still wondering if that is actually true. We don’t know if the fans like it or if they’re just wondering about it. However, Pabi is in the news for something different this time.

After posting new hot pics on the gram, fans wondered if she got a BBL. Yes, she does look hot, but some say her butt is a little bigger than usual. We don’t know about that. We won’t know unless she tells us anyway. Btw, congrats to her on the BET nomination.

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