Diddy Not Attending Grammy Awards Despite Nomination

In a move which probably didn’t take anyone by surprise, American rapper Diddy will not the attending this year’s Grammy Awards despite being nominated. 

It has been a tumultuous start to the year for the Revolt TV boss, with his former girlfriend Cassie accusing him of abuse and so much more. After an initial denial, he’d settled out of court. 

But somehow another angle to the whole drama blew into the open, with claims that TD Jakes was part of his “wild parties” and allegedly had relationships with other men, some of whom might be too young for such. 

Anyway, except if something should change at the last minute, Diddy is out and will not the attending the Grammys this year. Of course, if he had decided to attend, people would still have had something to say about his actions, positive or not. 

In his decision not to attend, however, it is doubtful that he would be the only nominee who decided to stay away from the award. 

 By the way, he has nothing to lose by standing away. Not prestige. Not prestige. He’d won a Grammy award in the past. Another win despite his absence will especially resonate. Stay tuned. 

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