Diddy Trolled Over New Sexual Assault Allegations

These are certainly not the best of times for American rapper and entrepreneur Diddy, who is currently facing new allegations of sexual abuse from a young lady. The latest claim against him followed a similar claim, which he had to settle out of court.

The first claim was of his former girlfriend Cassie claiming he sexually and physically violated her in the over a decade they were together. But Diddy had dismissed the claims at the time, insisting they were nothing more than an attempt to blackmail him.

Despite that claim, he went on to settle the case out of court with Cassie. End of story, right? Wrong. Soon after he settled the case, another lady popped up with a similar allegation against him, claiming that he and his friends violated her many years ago when she was just 17 years old and Diddy was 34.

In this case, like in the previous one, Diddy is insisting on his innocence. But it appears like unlike the first allegation, before he settled, most people appeared unconvinced with his claim of innocence and they have been trolling him online since.

Having insisted on his innocence again, the public is curious to see whether he would buckle under pressure and settle out of court as well.

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