Diddy’s Seen Mingling With Fans Amid Allegations

Fans react to viral video of embattled rap mogul and businessman Diddy mingling with fans amid allegations against him.

It has certainly been a tough year for American rapper Diddy who is facing several allegations including sexual trafficking and misconducts, etc. The star trended heavily following reports that his homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by the police while he wasn’t there.

While some wondered if he would flee the states, he was done the opposite. Diddy was recently spotted in a video shared by The Art of Dialogue mingling with fans as they took photos with him. The page revealed in the caption,

“Diddy told a crowd of fans, “Pray for your brother,” when he was spotted in Miami taking a bike ride with Stevie J.”

The clip got several reactions from fans who said he was enjoying his last bit of freedom while some called him brave for stepping out.

@KingChiefJay wrote, “Say what you want but that’s still Diddy. Of course they’re going to be hype to see him lol…(I’m not saying he’s innocent before this is misinterpreted).”

@nannio07 replied, “And we wonder why we’re lost as a community!”

@Dcan2315 reacted, “Enjoying his freedom until the cell closes.”

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